Handheld Streamers

Handheld Streamers

Height effects

The manual streamer cannons are the ideal option to give height and spectacularity to your event. Choose "kabuki" size, length, material, color of the streamers and touch the sky! Our manual streamer launchers meet all safety requirements and regulations

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Manual Streamers Cannons

These are teams that can throw streamers, in such a way that the guests to the event receive a colorful shower of this material. This type of cannon can be activated without the need to use any additional element.

Types of serpentine handheld cannons

There are various types of handheld streamer cannons, which are distinguished mainly by the size and type of paper from which the streamer is made.

30 cm cannon: they allow launches of up to 6 meters, which makes them ideal for small spaces.

50 cm cannon: It is recommended to be used in medium-sized spaces, since they have an approximate range of 8 meters.

80 cm cannon: If the event is in a much larger space, it is advisable to use this type of cannon, which has a range of more than 10 meters.

Types of streamers

There are different types of streamers, depending on the effect you want to achieve. Another factor that will help you select the ideal type of streamer is the place and time of the event in which you are going to use them:

1. Metallic streamers: This type of streamer is ideal for night events, as it will perfectly reflect the lights of the venue where the event is taking place. event.

2. Paper streamers: These provide a wonderful effect that will last a long time in the air, filling your space with bright and spectacular colors. Due to their lightness, they will take longer to fall and the effect will be splendid.

3. Ecological rice paper streamers: This type of streamers is ideal for events held outdoors. Due to the light weight of the material, it will take a reasonable time to fall, thus creating a long-lasting and space-filling effect. Added to this, it is a biodegradable material that will dissolve very quickly and does not harm the environment.

How are they used?

To use these cannons correctly, you must choose a horizontal or inclined position, since this way the visual effect obtained will be incredible, always taking care not to target any of the guests at the event.

You should avoid exposing these guns to very high temperatures, because they contain a significant load of compressed air which, if it deteriorates, will not achieve the desired effect; the same happens if holes are opened in the surface of the same.

Why buy a serpentine handheld cannon?

Despite being very easy to use, this type of cannon creates a spectacular effect that will give your event a touch of fantasy and color. There is a wide variety of sizes and effects depending on what you are looking to achieve.

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