Handheld Confetti

Handheld Confetti

Easy in infinite configurations

The manual confetti cannons allow you to choose from an infinite number of options, from the size of the "kabuki", to the material and colors of the confetti to create impressive and professional effects perfectly adapted to your needs and spaces. Our manual launchers meet all safety requirements and regulations.

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20 Handheld cannons 30 cm. (Confetti)
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20 Handheld cannons 30 cm. (Confetti)

Regular price €98.98 -5% Price €94.03
Pack of 20 handheld confetti cannons 30 cm. Available in rectangular paper and / or metallic 2 cm. wide x 5 cm. long and in colours white, silver,...
25 Handheld cannons 50 cm. (Confetti)
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25 Handheld cannons 50 cm. (Confetti)

Regular price €128.02 -5% Price €121.62
Pack of 20 handheld confetti cannons 50 cm.  Available in rectangular paper and / or metallic 2 cm. wide x 5 cm. long and in colours white, silver,...
20 Manual cannons 80 cm. (Confetti)
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20 Manual cannons 80 cm. (Confetti)

Regular price €179.08 -5% Price €170.13
Pack of 20 handheld confetti cannons 80 cm  Available in rectangular paper and / or metallic 2 cm. wide x 5 cm. long and in colours white, silver,...


One of the first aspects to highlight is that the guns are autonomous, so that they do not depend on another accessory or device to be used. It is also important to know that there are different dimensions, so that you can have the ideal confetti launcher for any space. And with that, you will find cannons in various designs and colors.

The confetti cannons are customizable, what does this mean? that have the capacity to have two charges, each of them can shoot two types of confetti, this in case you want to combine them based on the colors and shapes that are available; To comply with this requirement you must request it.

How do they work?

The operation to make the confetti explode is simple and for this you only have to remove the lid or the tissue paper and also the security seal, hold it up with the right hand and down with the left hand, point up, and finally, turn the bottom part to the left.

You must take precautions, the first is that since the confetti is fired strongly, it is best that it be handled by a responsible person, taking care not to point the tube in the direction of other people or objects; The second thing is that you should avoid exposing the barrel to intense temperatures and also make holes in it.

Handheld confetti cannons: Types

There are three kinds of confetti cannons that can be purchased in the market:

80 cm cannons: These were designed to be used primarily in large spaces, such as a garden. In this case, the confetti can rise up to 9 meters, but if the tube was filled with serpentine, then the height will be approximately 14 meters.

50 cm cannons: These are versatile and can be adapted to large or small spaces, the important thing is to make sure you have enough space to its ascent, which can reach 7 meters.

30 cm cannons: It rises only 4 meters with confetti and seven if serpentine is used, they are the most suitable for small spaces.

Why are celebrations fashionable?

These cannons are more and more acquired and used because they have an incredible effect, in addition, it is a way to add a peculiar and special touch to the celebrations that are made, causing the guests to have a pleasant and colorful time .

Why buy handheld confetti cannons?

Among the reasons why to invest in these cannons, we have that they are economical, easy to use, several types of confetti can be launched at the same time and most importantly, they provide a pleasant visual effect when they are elevated in the sky. Another relevant aspect is that they can be purchased for any type of celebration without limits, such as birthdays and weddings, or holidays such as carnival.

On the other hand, thinking in an ecological way, manual confetti cannons are biodegradable, these are available in the market and the confetti they expel is made of rice paper, which can then be decomposed and thus avoid any negative impact to the ecosystem.

Where to buy them?

On our website EUTOPICA , you can get a catalog of interesting and ideal confetti cannons for you, with excellent prices and the best quality.

Additionally, in each of our cannon offers, you will be able to view information of interest and relevant characteristics so that you know more about our product, and so that you feel more confident, we allow you to access the opinions section , where you will see the comments of those people who have bought and used the guns in our catalog.

You have the option to buy individual barrels or in packages of several barrels that include between 20 and 25 units, and whether you purchase them at retail or in these packages, you will have any of the sizes that exist for this product.

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