Handheld Shapes

Handheld Shapes

Give shape and color to your celebration.

Manual shape cannons allow you to customize your event in detail. Hearts, petals, butterflies ... Choose "kabuki" size, shape and color to create unique moments. Our manual shape launchers meet all safety requirements and regulations.

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Manual Shape Cannons

The handheld shape cannons, which can be activated with just a twist of the hand, are used to create festive atmospheres full of brightness and color. They come available in a variety of sizes and the confetti can be any color and shape you want.

They are very safe to use, as long as you follow the instructions to the letter: it is important that you do not subject the barrel to high temperatures because it can deteriorate. Similarly, it will be prudent for the detonation to be carried out by a person of legal age and that he or she makes sure not to target any of the attendees.


There are different types of confetti cannons, the criteria for selecting the ideal one will depend on the space where you want to use it and the effect you want to achieve with it. The characteristics may vary according to the size of the barrels:

30 cm cannon : this cannon is equipped with approximately 60 grams of confetti, which are used to fill relatively small spaces, since it has a range of 6 meters.

50 cm cannon : the cannon of this size has a range of about 8 meters, which is used to fill medium spaces, it contains approximately 120 grams of confetti.

80 cm cannon : this cannon has about 200 grams of confetti in the shape you want, it is the one with the longest range of all.

Types of confetti and shapes

The best thing about this type of confetti cannon is that it offers a huge variety of colors and varied shapes. If your party is romantic like a wedding, anniversary and even a marriage proposal, you can use the heart-shaped confetti cannon.

If you want to go a more traditional way, you have confetti in the shape of circles, with the difference that, instead of being very small, they will have a diameter of 5 cm. If your theme is about space or you want to create a magical environment, you can use the star-shaped confetti cannons.

There are also in the shape of butterflies, this serves to create a fairy tale environment. Another of the available shapes is that of petals, which will simulate a really beautiful and impressive shower of flower petals. There are even in the form of doves.

Why buy them?

The confetti cannons usually create a spectacular atmosphere at parties and events, complementing this effect with a certain shape according to the event will give an important touch of distinction. Imagine how beautiful the first dance of the newlyweds would be under a shower of confetti hearts, with a manual cannon of shapes you can achieve this and more.

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