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Holi parties are a Hindu tradition that celebrate the arrival of good weather and, more specifically, spring. In it, large amounts of coloured powder are thrown while enjoying music although, with the passage of time, it has been transformed into a very specific type of event. In Eutópica we have created the Holi Dolly, events that pay tribute to this type of celebrations but providing distinctive elements that make them one of the funniest festivals.

Generally, in a holi party you throw powder to create different visual effects. However, we have taken a step further and have turned this party into a real show which includes: DJ, speakers, activities, CO2, confetti, streamers, guest artists and, above all, a lot of colour. Let's go by parts:


The Holi Dolly service includes the assembly of the necessary elements (decoration, stands to sell bags of coloured powder ...) as well as the visual impressions highlighted within Eutópica. However, we know that each place is different and each location has its own needs and preferences and, therefore, we always adapt all events according to the characteristics and specifications of every environment.

In our team we have the DJ Albert González, Privilege Ibiza resident, Pacha La Pineda and Blanco y Negro, the speakers Pep Callau and Jordi Callau, which animate any Holi party and represent the common thread of all the parties, encouraging interaction with the public and encouraging them to share equally with the whole event.

Holi parties


Regarding the coloured powder, we seek to generate the best performance and, therefore, several coordinated releases are made among all the attendees, so that a rainbow cloud is created that will fill the space with a singular atmosphere. Additionally, we work with guest artists so that each party is different from the previous one, offering not only a personalized service, but also a distinctive service that is renewed over time.

And, of course, visual effects are not lacking: confetti, streamers and CO2 are our best allies, which add to the music, activities and holi powder, turning Holi Dolly into an experience in which rhythm, spectacularity and fun take precedence over everything.

We offer, therefore, the organization of quality events in which we work with a professional team, being able to adapt each event and personalize it but always present those elements that characterize us. If you want more information we encourage you to visit the Holi Dolly website, where you will find all kinds of additional details.

Holi Powder

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