Electric shapes

Electric shapes

Shape your event.

The electric shape cannons allow you to customize your event in detail, hearts, petals, butterflies ... Choose "kabuki" size, shape and color to create unique moments. Our electric shape launchers meet all safety requirements and require an electric trigger for operation.

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Electric Shapes Cannons

These are launchers that use figures made of tissue paper or metallic paper of approximately 5.5 cm in diameter. These are particular shapes that can come in a wide variety of colors including silver and gold.

These cannons work by means of an electric trigger and require a base for an optimal launch, with them a simultaneous launch can be synchronized for a better effect. They can come in three different sizes:

• Electric cannons of 80 cm shapes: They are ideal for large spaces or for mass events. They can reach a shooting distance of between 9 meters to 10 meters.

Electric cannons of 50 cm shapes: These are cannons designed for medium to large spaces, which can launch the shapes at a distance of between 7 meters to 8 meters.

• Electric cannons of 30 cm shapes: It is the model that works well in small spaces and with not very high ceilings, it can shoot the shape from about 5 meters to 6 meters away.

Use of Electric Shapes Cannons

These cannons come with hearts, stars, petals, butterflies or circles. Any of them can be made in tissue paper with an interesting variety of colors to choose from or in silver or gold metallic paper. On the Eutópica WEB there is a good variety of these shapes in different colors.

Those made of tissue paper will have a soft drape, will give the impression of floating in the air around the attendees of the event, meeting or celebration, will have a soft and romantic appearance. Because of its shape, it is very easy to set the scene for the celebration, for example, in a wedding you can use hearts when the bride and groom leave, this will achieve a romantic and unforgettable playful effect.

If the event in a debutante ball, the butterflies on metallic paper will be a real whirlwind for the first dance, the metallic material will fall faster and catch the light giving a lot of shine, it will be really shocking and achieve a joyful and festive atmosphere .

Tips to buy Electric Shapes Cannons

The longer the barrel, the further the forms will be launched, so it is important to know the dimensions of the place where it will be used before purchasing or renting it. It is necessary to avoid impacting the walls or ceiling, because in this way the effect of rain on those present will be lost.

You should also plan what shape, color and material to use, keeping in mind that tissue paper will fall much more slowly than metallized. Additionally it is good to determine if the event will be very illuminated or if it will be in dim light, the forms of metallic material will shine spectacularly with the reflectors in a dark environment.

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