Electric Streamers

Electric Streamers

Higher, further.

The electric streamer cannons are the ideal option to give height and spectacularity to your event. Choose "kabuki" size, length, material, color of the streamers and let's fly! Our electric streamer launchers meet all safety requirements and require an electric trigger for operation.

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Electric streamer cannons

These cannons can launch streamers at different distances. They are filled with strips of tissue or metallic paper, measuring 0.85 cm wide by 5 m long.

This type of effects equipment comes in three sizes that can have different launch coverage, there is an ideal one for each type of event and its size. These cannons can come in three sizes:

80 cm electric streamer cannons : These are capable of launching streamers at a distance of between 9 and 10 meters. They are ideal for large and crowded places, they use 5-meter and even 10-meter streamers, which can be made of tissue paper or metallic paper.

50 cm electric streamer cannons : These are ideal for medium to large places, they can launch tissue paper or metallized paper streamers, achieving distances of between 7 meters to 8 meters in length .

30 cm electric streamer cannons : When it comes to small spaces, this is the ideal cannon. You can throw from 5 meters to 6 meters away, which will look impressive when it comes to not very high ceilings or not very large rooms.

Use of Electric Streamer Cannons

Electric streamer launchers are equipment that requires an electric pushbutton to work, this gives the great advantage of having excellent control over when it will work. With this you will be able to synchronize several guns so that they make their launches at the same time, or with a delay or a specific order.

If you use tissue paper streamers, you will achieve an effect of softness and romance, as it will slowly fall like a spider web blown by the wind. In the case of those made of metallic paper, the effect is vibrant since it will fall faster, leaving a trail of light in its wake.

Tips for buying Electric Streamer Cannons

Before acquiring an electric streamer cannon, you must know the dimensions of the place where you are going to use it, first of all they cannot hit the ceiling during the launch, the effect would be lost, you should always know what size of cannon you can use, the longer it is, the greater the distance the streamer will cover.

You should also be clear about the effect that each type or color of streamer causes. For more formal events or celebrations, the single color tissue paper streamer will achieve an elegant and subtle effect, falling gently on the presents. If what you want is a vibrant and dynamic visual effect, you will achieve them with those of metallic material, they will fall faster with an exceptional shine.

If you plan well the visual effect you are looking for, you will be guaranteed success, and those present will carry a pleasant memory of an impressive and striking moment.

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