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The most sensational and innovative night parties have a new name. Lúppiter is a white party where its hallmark lies in fun, spectacularity and interaction with the public. It has a musical base where the DJ contributes his own repertoire but adding additional elements that make it unique and distinctive. First of all, it should be noted that there is no type of age restriction and alcohol consumption is not allowed. In order to personalize the event to the maximum, speakers are available, which are the guiding thread of Lúppiter, allow a clear nexus between audience and stage and, in addition, contribute their own method, character and experience to carry out different activities how can the draws be.


But in this event not only has figures that act in front of the public, also special effects such as CO2, smoke, confetti or streamers, among others, will fill the environment and provide that magical component, causing great feelings among all attendees.

We have an expert team that will put their commitment and professionalism within each area in which they act, being able not only to provide their skills for the show, but showing versatility and adaptability to different situations.

Rhythm, emotions and effects will be the elements that will lay the foundations of Lúppiter, all of them carried out by our DJs, the animators and the technical team. In addition to what has already been commented on visual impacts (megatron, streamers, confetti ...), the event will be dressed with appropriate decoration. To pursue all this interaction with the attendees, LED foam sticks will also be distributed, which will fill the entire space with light (there will also be a point of sale to cover additional needs).

Night party Lúppiter


In our search to add everything that allows maximum personalization, we include the possibility of having guest artists such as mosquitoes as well as lasers and other impressions.

Lúppiter is a new concept of night party that seeks to revolutionize the night to the maximum in addition to creating a different environment and that, both public and the team itself, enjoy together the space of time that lasts, printing a constant rhythm to the event, generating a great interaction between all and filling it with effects to activate all the senses.

In conclusion, Eutópica is at your disposal to take Lúppiter wherever you need it, providing all those elements that characterize it and differentiate it with respect to other types of parties and, at the same time, being able to apply the necessary adaptability to adapt to all types of situations.

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