Handheld Confetti + Streamer

Handheld Confetti + Streamer

Double or nothing.

Handheld confetti and streamer cannons create a double effect in one shot. Choose from an infinity of options, sizes, colors and materials to configure your "kabuki". Our handheld confetti and streamer launchers meet all safety requirements and regulations.

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Serpentine handheld cannons plus confetti

These cannons mix streamers and confetti together, creating a very joyful feeling to look at. You can choose them in a single color or in several mixed colors, it all depends on the effect you want to achieve, the time and reason for the party, as well as the location.

It is important to mention that these cannons are completely safe, and kind to the environment, because the paper from which the confetti and streamers are made is completely biodegradable, and they have no possibility of producing ignition.

The size of the confetti is approximately 2 cm by 5 cm and they have a rectangular shape, in the case of streamers, they have a size of 0.85 cm by 5 cm.

Types of handheld serpentine cannons plus confetti

These cannons can be found in different sizes, which will allow different ranges and effects:

30 cm cannon: They are optimal for small spaces, since they have the ability to cover a distance of approximately 6 meters.

50 cm cannon: They are perfect for relatively medium environments, this type of cannon has a range of about 8 meters.

80 cm cannon: They come equipped with about 200 gr. of paper that will help to completely fill large spaces, aided by its powerful range that can vary between 10 meters and 12 meters.

Effect on holidays

Depending on the type of paper you select for your streamer cannon plus confetti, you will create very different effects: if you want to liven up a party in an open space, we recommend that you use one of bright colors or made of biodegradable material such as rice paper, Since in this way you will enjoy the event being very conscious of the environment.

In the event that the party is in a closed place, with large lighting fixtures, it is best to opt for confetti and metallic paper streamers that will reflect the lights creating a beautiful shower of sparkles, in addition, thanks to their weight, they will fall quickly, filling the space quickly.

Something wonderful about this type of gun is that you can combine different colors and textures, if you want to create a spectacular effect you can mix conventional paper with metallic paper, since the different textures will reach the floor at different speeds creating an effect unmatched.

Caution in use

The best thing to do is to remove the paper cap that is built into the barrel, before using it. In the same way, it is suggested that it be operated by a person over 18 years of age as a precautionary measure.

When activating the device, it must be arranged horizontally or inclined upwards, taking great care not to point at any of those present.

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