Foam sticks

Foam sticks

Such a stick, such a party.

Fun concentrated in 48 cm. Get a more spectacular visual impact at your parties with our foam sticks. Ideal for music festivals, discos, horseback riding, carnivals and large events. We have two ranges, with built-in LEDs for night events or different colors for daytime or water parties.

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LED foam stick

LED foam stick

Price €1.45
Consúltanos precios por cantidad en: INFO@EUTOPICA.COM LED foam stick Stick LED 48 centimeters long available in 2 colors: Multicolor and white....
Pack of 100 LED foam sticks - 1
  • Reduced price

Pack of 100 LED foam sticks

Regular price €140.94 -15% Price €119.80
Pack of 100 pieces of 48 cm long LED Stick LED 48 centimeters long available in 2 colors: Multicolor and white. Both available with three positions...
Pack of 400 LED foam sticks - 1
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Pack of 400 LED foam sticks

Regular price €496.10 -20% Price €396.88
Pack of 400 pieces of 48 cm long LED Stick LED 48 centimeters long available in 2 colors: Multicolor and white. Both available with three positions...

What are Foam Sticks?

It is a 48 cm long stick made entirely of foam rubber, which prevents it from hurting someone during use. They are very safe and fun, plus some have LED lights. Next, we will indicate some of them:

Churri Palo

It is a foam stick that is not illuminated, it comes in different colors and is designed to be shaken in the air, or even thrown, achieving a very cheerful visual playful effect.

It's ideal for adding a splash of color to daytime events such as carnivals, sporting events, and even children's parties and daytime outdoor concerts. Wherever the effect is used it will be one of joy and rhythm.

LED Foam Sticks

These LED foam sticks, on the inside, have a LED light that lights up and gives a great effect when it moves to the rhythm of the music, being used in any celebration or event.

They come in unicolored or in several colors, so you can play with colors and lighting, in a night environment they will be the focal point. If used on a dance floor it will contribute to creating a rhythmic and festive atmosphere, as only a luminous element can achieve this.

How to use the Foam Sticks?

If it is the churri stick, you will simply have to choose the color, or the colors with which you want to set your event and voila, enjoy!

With it you can even organize fun pool parties, or tournaments among children with this nice element. The LED foam stick has an on / off switch, which is designed to make the battery last longer. Three button cell batteries are included, so it's ready to power up for hours of fun.

Use of Foam Sticks

These foam sticks create a stunning visual effect in the dark. It is very fashionable to use it in mass events, such as concerts or music and dance festivals. They are capable of creating a great atmosphere and enliven night parties in a particular way.

The luminous foam stick, will stand out in any place with poor lighting, they can be seen even in cavalcades or patron saint festivities and carnivals. They are perfect for discos and places of dance and fun, people will accompany their dance with these cheerful luminous elements.

It is a product that is evident in concerts and music festivals, being the places where you can see a large number of these foam sticks, moving to the rhythm of the music. The use of them will make the photos and videos of these events attractive and cheerful, reflecting the prevailing atmosphere.

You can complement the decoration of your event with them, placing them on all over the place to give a different light to the environment, they are excellent luminous accessories. In a more private environment, with the right colors, lighting with LED foam sticks will give that romantic touch that only indirect light can achieve.

Where to buy Foam Sticks?

These are articles that can be found on online sites, they come in different colors, even with the option to change the blinking function of the lights between slow, fast and very fast.

They can be purchased individually, or in packages of 50 to 100, to be distributed to those attending the event. They are a great acquisition for multitudinous events, whether day or night, you can always brighten the atmosphere with these nice foam sticks.

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