Electric confetti machine (rent)


Electric confetti and / or streamer machine that works with electric cartridges. This system is ideal to create a spectacular end of event by throwing confetti or streamers. Several of them can be linked together and shot from the same point. For the rental you must fill out the form below. 

Rental conditions

The rental service is carried out nationwide and must be formalized 24/48 hours before the necessary date to be able to receive the article or articles when they are needed.


The electric confetti machine does not work with batteries to avoid wear and failures, so it works with a 220V outlet, supporting a maximum of 50 watts of power. You can hang it in truss or place it on the floor and, in addition, you can attach a silent-block base (not included, consult previously) that will avoid the recoil at the time of launch, giving great stability. The trigger can be controlled by an electric pushbutton, a dimmer or a DMX. You can enter any charge of electric confetti since it is universal connection, being able to use different launcher models.

The electric confetti machine can be linked to others using Neutrik Powercon Link connection cables to perform different simultaneous shots. Everything that has been previously mentioned can be seen at the bottom, where there is a video that includes a tutorial.

With regard to all the possibilities that can be available, you should comment on the rental form, but, on the other hand, it is recommended to contact the customer service to receive advice on the best options.

The cartridges

For the operation of each device you will need an electric tube of confetti or streamers of any size (30 centimeters, 50 or 80) for the shot. These are 12V and 3 amps, implying a power of 36W.

The 80 cm cannon: To use 200 grams of confetti that shoot at 9/10 meters in height. With respect to the streamers, you can use those of 10 meters in 50 rolls (thrown to 13 adding power of shot + length) and those of 5 in 150 rolls (thrown to about 8/9 meters).

The 50 cm launcher: 100 rolls of 5 meter streamers fired at about 8/9 meters or 120 grams of confetti at about 7/8 meters.

The 30 cm tube: Only 5 meters (50 rolls) streamers thrown at approximately 7 meters or 60 grams of confetti can be used, thrown about 4/5 meters high.


Below is a video tutorial on the electric confetti machine.


Data sheet

36 W
Control eléctrico:
Peso producto:
2 kg
Medidas producto:
14 x 11 x 17 cm
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