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The manual cannons are a fantastic resource to achieve a striking visual sensation for special moments both in celebrations and parties. On the Eutópica WEBSITE, you can find a wide variety of them, easy to use and of excellent quality.

The manual cannons are equipment capable of launching confetti, streamers, petals and any element that is small and light in size, to be thrown into the air and achieve a shower of colors, shapes and brightness on those present.

These cannons can be filled or empty, the latter so that the person can incorporate the filling that they like the most. They come in three different sizes:

30 cm manual cannons : They are capable of launching at a distance of up to 6 meters, they are ideal for places small.

50 cm handheld cannons : They can reach a distance of 8 meters, they are used in medium-sized places. 

80 cm manual cannons : Used in large places, it is capable of launching 10 meters.

Manual Confetti Cannons

This is a widely used model, it throws rectangular confetti, in a wide variety of colors or with a mixture of them. It can be made of tissue paper or metallic material to achieve different effects.

The use of tissue paper confetti achieves romantic and soft environments, since this material, because it is so light, falls very slowly, while the metallic confetti will fall faster, but leaving an impressive shine in its wake, especially if it is hit by the lights of a reflector.

Manual Streamer Cannons

These are filled with thin strips of paper that measure 0.85 cm wide by 5 meters long, they can come in solid or mixed colors. The streamers can be made of tissue paper or metallic paper, each material achieves a different visual effect.

When streamers are thrown over party or event goers, they will have the visual sensation of being in the middle of a web of colors and glitter. If the material used is tissue paper, the streamer will float towards the ground, giving the visual impression of being slightly suspended in the air, while the metallic will achieve the effect of thin shiny rays surrounding the environment.

Manual Confetti + Serpentine Cannons

This cannon contains both 2 cm x 5 cm rectangular confetti and a 0.85 cm x 5 m streamer. They can come in solid colors or with a mixture of them and be made of tissue paper or metallic. The variety of colors and textures will depend on the effect you want to achieve with it.

The combination of the two figures allows a very festive visual sensation, especially if the tissue paper is combined with the metallic, as it falls at different speeds, it will provide energy and fun.

Manual Shape Cannons

They are cannons that are filled with tissue paper figures, they measure approximately 5.5 cm in diameter, they can be of different shapes such as hearts, circles, stars, butterflies or petals, they are also found in a wide variety of colors or combinations of them.

Its use in celebrations such as weddings, bachelorette parties, debutante parties is very fashionable, since it achieves a true shower of allegorical figures, which, because they are larger than conventional confetti, will take longer to fall to the floor .

Original Manual Cannons

On the Eutópica WEBSITE, you can find some cannon kits specially designed to customize your event, for example, if the celebration is a baby that is about to be born, you can find a kit filled with blue and pink confetti, another interesting example It is the kit of 6 guns with the colors of the LGTBIQ flag.

They all come with rectangular confetti filling 2 cm wide by 5 cm long, made of fireproof and biodegradable tissue paper, so it can be used in any event or celebration without worrying about accidents.

Empty Hand Cannons

This is a cannon that comes without any filler, allowing the person to add exactly what is required to highlight an important moment.

It can be placed from natural flower petals or dried leaves, to give an autumnal and romantic atmosphere, to confetti or fluorine streamers that will glow in the dark. You are only limited by the size and power of the cannon or the eco-friendly rice paper confetti.

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